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You're 4x more likely to quit smoking with
the help of a healthcare professional*

*Compared to quitting unaided. Based on data from UK stop smoking services 1

Are you ready to quit?

Help someone to quit

If you know someone who wants to put down the cigarettes. It’s natural to want to help. We have everything you need to help a loved one quit for good.

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Quit smoking now

Almost 75% of smokers want to quit2, 3. If you do too and have tried different methods, talk to your doctor today. They have a range of methods with and without nicotine and will help find the right option for you.

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Talking to a doctor

Talk to your doctor

To make the conversation about quitting smoking easier, download the ‘Questions to ask your Doctor’ and take them along to your appointment. You could ask:

What are my options? How long will it take for me to quit? What to expect during nicotine withdrawal?

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