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Know a smoker? Quit Nagging.

We know smoking has significant health consequences, so if a loved one smokes, you obviously want them to quit. But nagging them won’t work. Encourage them to see a doctor instead because only by seeking the help of a health care professional are they 4x more likely to quit compared to doing it alone.

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Latest tips to quit

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Quit smoking now

Almost 75% of smokers want to quit2. If you do too and have tried different methods, talk to your doctor today. Your doctor can provide advice and a range of treatments with and without nicotine and will help find the right option for you.

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Help someone to quit

If you know someone who wants to put down the cigarettes. It’s natural to want to help. We have everything you need to support a loved one quit for good.

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Talking to a doctor

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Questions to ask your doctor

Make the conversation about quitting smoking easier. Download ‘Questions to ask your doctor’ and take them along to your appointment. You could ask:

What are my options? How long will it take for me to quit? What to expect during nicotine withdrawal?
Don’t forget

Don’t have time to organise a visit right now? Set up a calendar reminder at a time that suits you.

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