6 ways to hack a low mood after quitting smoking

It's normal to feel a bit down in the dumps when you quit smoking.1 This might start within the first day of quitting and continue for the first couple of weeks.1 But those clouds should lift within a month.1 Find out what you can do to pick up your low mood in the meantime.

  1. Be social Enough hiding under your quilt! Being with other people can help lift your mood. Call a friend, go for lunch, go to the movies.1,2
  2. Narrow it down. Why are you feeling low? Are you tired, lonely, bored, hungry? Work out the reasons behind your feelings so you can do something about them.1
  3. Exercise. Moving your body – anything from a short walk to going out dancing – can help to lift your mood.1 It may be hard to get moving at first, so start small and build up over time.2
  4. Change your perspective. Keep reminding yourself that quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your body and your life. Remind yourself that you are strong and that this is what you want. These low feelings are unlikely to last, but the positive benefits of quitting will.3
  5. Treat yourself. Do little things for yourself that you enjoy. Every little bit counts when you need to lift your spirits. Watch your favourite movie (perhaps stick with the comedies), pamper yourself with a haircut or a massage, or go out and spend some of that money you have saved by not smoking.3
  6. Get some support: While it's normal to feel a little down for a period of time after you first quit smoking, if you've previously experienced depression, you may experience more severe smoking withdrawal symptoms, including more severe symptoms of depression.1 During this period of depression or low mood, always see your doctor or pharmacist who can recommend support and treatment options that may be useful and allow you to cope better.

    You're up to 4x more likely to succeed in quitting with the help of a healthcare professional compared to quitting unaided – so that's another good reason to see your doctor for support.4

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