Help someone
to quit

75% of smokers want to quit 1, 2.

Support from family and friends is vital, so we’re putting all the advice and information you need to help them at your fingertips.

Remember, they’re 4X more likely to quit smoking with the help of a healthcare professional*.

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*Compared to quitting unaided. Based on data
from UK stop smoking services 3.

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Learn about the benefits

It’s not easy to quit, but your support could make all the difference.

Inspiration to help

Find advice and motivation to watch, share, tweet, and print out for the fridge.

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    Could you tackle the Yellow Brick Road alone? Watch Dorothy have a go.

  • Snow White

    Snow White

    What would happen if you had to face your evil stepmother alone? See Snow White try.

  • The Doctor

    The Doctor

    Find out how you can improve your chances of quitting with the help of your doctor.

  • Quitting is hard, but it's well worth it

    Quitting is well worth it

  • Discover how smoking affects your body

    Discover how smoking affects your body

    Use our body tool More

  • There will never be a 'perfect time' to quit smoking. - Mark Twain
  • Break the hold TVC

    Break the hold TVC

  • Smokers pay $7.85 billion a year in tobacco tax
  • Smoking kills around 15,000 aussies a year

Talking to a doctor

Find your local doctor

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Questions to ask your doctor

Asking a doctor for help quitting can be difficult. Make it easier by downloading these questions and giving them to your loved one to take along.

What are my options? How long will it take for me to quit? What to expect during nicotine withdrawal?
Don’t forget

Don’t have time to organise a visit right now? Set up a calendar reminder at a time that suits you.

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