The perfect gift for a quitter - a DIY Quit Kit

The perfect gift for a quitter - a DIY Quit Kit

Quitting smoking is a big achievement and staying quit is a long-term commitment. Show your support and celebrate your quitter’s success by surprising them with a gift they’ll really use and that you've taken the care to make yourself: a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Quit Kit!

You don't need to break the bank to design a kit that will keep your quitter distracted from picking up a smoke — you just need a bit of time and creative thinking. We've got some fun ideas to get you started.


Many quitters experience the urge to pick up a cigarette and put it between their teeth. In this case, a stash of straws, toothpicks or even breath mints can be a real lifesaver (pun intended)!


Your quitter may have spent a lot of time holding a cigarette. After quitting, their hands might feel restless.

Keep your quitter’s hands busy with a mini-puzzle, some ‘worry beads’ or a fidget spinner.the-perfect-gift-for-a-quitter-a-diy-quit-kit-3.jpg

Quitting smoking can affect your quitter’s mood. They may well be stressed and irritable.1A,B

Items to help your quitter stay relaxed, like a stress ball or some herbal tea bags, may help them cope and give them a new way to chill out.


Give your quitter a journal or calendar to track progress, plan rewards or just doodle in during tough moments.

Add a personal touch with a handmade card telling your quitter just how proud you are of them.


Crunchy and nutritious snacks – like homemade trail mix – provide a healthy distraction for your quitter to turn to when the urge to smoke strikes.

A nifty new water bottle will help your quitter to stay distracted and hydrated.


Combine all of these helpful items into the one goody bag – like a small cosmetic bag or pencil case – for your quitter to carry with them at all times.

Every Quit Kit will be different. Putting together a Quit Kit that will help your quitter resist the temptation to smoke may take some trial and error. Remember to check in with your quitter to see how they’re going. Quitting smoking can be very difficult and your smoker may have a slip up or even relapse to smoking. If it seems like they’re struggling, encourage them to see their doctor to help create a quit plan. Smokers are up to 4x more likely to succeed in quitting with the help of a healthcare professional compared to quitting unaided.2

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