Quit nagging

The reverse intervention

We helped change the way six non-smokers think about quitting.
Now, we want to do the same for the rest of Australia.


World No Nagging Day

Let’s help more smokers quit by giving them the support they need.

Many of us may not realise the mental and physical toll that nicotine withdrawal has on those trying to quit.1,2 It’s incredibly difficult. Research also shows that nagging smokers is not helpful.3

That’s why we created World No Nagging Day. It’s a day we encourage non-smokers to offer support, instead of judgement. And remind them that a smoker is 4x more likely to quit with the help of a healthcare professional, compared to quitting unaided.4

Help shift the way Australia thinks about quitting smoking by sharing this film, and take a pledge to quit nagging.

Pledge to quit together

Get involved. Make a pledge to stop nagging a smoker and encourage them to see a doctor about quitting smoking.

The thought of giving up smoking;
I get quite anxious and panicked about it.

As a dad, this is the hardest thing I am ever going to have to do. And that is to ask my daughter for help.

It’s impossible for you to understand how hard this is because you’ve never smoked.

Nagging won't help, but a doctor can.

What many people don’t understand is that nicotine addiction is complicated: there’s the physical addiction that cigarettes have on your body1 and the psychological hold the routine has on your brain.2

So it can be helpful to reach out to someone who knows how to help: your doctor.

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