Foods to support quitting

And one delicious recipe to put them together.

Did you know that certain foods and drinks can alter the tastes of cigarettes?

Scientists from the Duke University Medical Center in the USA were amongst the first to study the taste-altering affects of food and drink on cigarette palatability. They found that smokers in their study reported milk, water, fruits and vegetables worsened the taste of cigarettes, while coffee and meat enhanced the flavour of cigarettes, with 44 percent of smokers reporting that alcohol boosts their taste. 1

Knowing and understanding the foods that worsen the taste of cigarettes might deter you from smoking them and support you during your journey to stop smoking for good.

Examples of foods and drinks that might worsen the taste of cigarettes

food to support quitting 1

And here’s one healthy (and super easy) mixed berry & apple crumble smoothie recipe that combines some of the ingredients that might worsen the taste of cigarettes and help deter you from smoking.

foods to support quitting 2
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