Talking to your doctor about stopping smoking – The TEAM approach

Stopping smoking can be very challenging, but support from your doctor – which can include  counselling, smoking cessation treatment and other tools – can dramatically improve your chances of success. In fact, you’re up to 4x more likely to succeed in quitting with the help of a healthcare professional compared to trying to stop unaided.1

Because smoking is an addiction stimulated by physical, mental and social triggers you'll need the right set of tools to help you navigate the many triggers you encounter on your quit journey.

If you’ve already made an appointment with your GP, congratulations on taking this vital step. You may be wondering how the appointment will go and what you'll discuss. Here's our useful TEAM guide to help you get the most out of your visit. You might like to print it and take it along to your appointment.

TEAM stands for TELL, EXPLAIN, ASK, MANAGE and that’s a good way to think about working with your GP. You’re a team on this journey together, and your GP is committed in supporting you to quit for good.

TELL your GP: 'I want to quit smoking and I want your help'.

EXPLAIN your quit history. Honestly sharing your past quit attempts and the methods you’ve tried can help your GP work out the best way to approach this quit attempt. Be prepared to discuss your medical history and any medicines you're taking if your doctor doesn’t already have this information.

ASK about your quit smoking options:

  • What treatment and support options are available to help me quit? (Your doctor will be able to tell you if smoking cessation treatment is appropriate for you)
  • How long do I need to stay on treatment?
  • Where can I find extra support while quitting?

MANAGE your expectations. To improve your chance of successfully quitting, ask your GP what to expect when you quit and how you can manage challenging moments and triggers:

  • How long will it take for me to quit?
  • What withdrawal symptoms should I expect?
  • What can I do to overcome urges to smoke? 
  • When will it start to get easier?

This visit with your GP should be an open, two-way conversation. Be prepared to speak honestly and ask as many questions as you need so you feel prepared. Your doctor has the expertise to help you quit smoking, but you know yourself better than anyone. Take advantage of this opportunity and give yourself the best chance of stopping smoking for good.

For more tips and questions to ask your healthcare provider, download these handy Q&As. With support and preparation, you’ll be armed for success on your quit smoking journey.

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