Quit Chat


See three smokers discover what it’s really like having a quit chat with a doctor.


Driving with
Dr Hester Wilson

People can find it difficult talking to their doctor about quitting smoking. So, we took the conversation out of the doctor’s surgery.


See what happens when smokers on their way to the doctor, discover that it’s the doctor driving them to the appointment.


From behind the wheel, Dr Hester Wilson, GP and Addiction Expert, explains the power of nicotine addiction, the barriers to successfully quitting smoking, and why it’s so important to start a quit chat with your doctor.

“I should be smart enough to quit
smoking without seeing a GP.”
– Robert, 52

“When I was asked how many cigarettes
I smoked a day, I would lie and say 10,
when really it’s 40.”
– Roxy, 30

“It’s been a little tough.
I feel like there’s a bit of judgement.”
– Maddie, 27

Quit Chat

If you’d like to start a quit chat with your doctor, check out our handy checklist.

It’s a list of questions you can take to your appointment so you can get the most out of the conversation with your doctor.

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