7 reasons to quit smoking and change your life

Major life events can provide powerful motivation to quit smoking and start a new phase in your life.1 Here are seven life events that might just provide you with the encouragement and inspiration to quit smoking – as well as the opportunity to change your life!

  1. You’ve fallen in love

    You’re head over heels... but, your amour is not a smoker, and you know it’s not that pleasant for them when they lean in for a kiss. What a great reason to quit smoking. After all, you’ll smell and taste better, to say nothing of feeling healthier. You’ll avoid having nicotine-stained teeth2 and the prematurely wrinkled skin of a smoker.3 What a way to say ‘I love you’ to your new partner.

  2. You’re getting hitched

    The big day is approaching and it’s the start of a whole new chapter in your life. Now is the time to set a date to quit and work towards it, so that you are smoke-free by the time your wedding day comes. Plus, you may start planning for a family soon, and being smoke-free is the ideal scenario when it comes to your fertility. If you're both smokers, quitting smoking together is a wonderful way to demonstrate your commitment to your future together.

  3. It’s your first day on a new job

    Congratulations – you must have really impressed at your job interview. Landing a new role is a pretty empowering feeling and that makes it a great time to get a new start in other ways. You’ll want to give it your all and having to think about your next smoke break would be a big distraction from your work.

  4. You’re buying a house

    There’s nothing quite like a new environment for starting a new phase of your life. You’re saving hard for a deposit and the savings associated with quitting could help speed up the process. Think about it this way: at today’s prices, if you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day for 10 years, you’ll spend almost $109,500 – that’s enough for a house deposit4*. And here’s another incentive to quit: your furnishings will remain fresh and smoke-free when you do get to move into your new home.

  5. You want to get fit

    Starting a new exercise program or sport is a fabulous motivator to quit smoking. Set a quit date AND a date for a fun run, walk or to take up a new sport. Your heart and lungs will thank you – after all, amazing things happen to your body when you quit smoking. Make sure you check with your doctor first if you have any health problems or it's been a while since you've been physically active.

  6. You’ve had a health scare

    You or someone close to you has had a recent health scare and you’ve promised yourself to put your health first – starting with quitting smoking. Use it as an opportunity to reflect on the good things you enjoy – and would like to continue enjoying – using those feelings to fully commit to the quit.

  7. You’re going on a holiday

    Change is as good as a holiday, they say. How about a change – quitting smoking – AND a holiday? Once you’ve set the date for your break, start planning your quit date too. The change of environment and routine might be just what you need to finally go smoke-free.

So, if you have a major life event on the horizon, think about how you can make it even bigger and better by using it as a motivation to quit smoking. Then make an appointment with your doctor to see how they can support your big decision – after all, those who have their health professional's support are 4x more likely to quit compared to going it alone.5

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*Calculations are based on an average cost of $30 for a packet of 25 cigarettes as at March 2017. Prices between brands can vary.

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