Preparing yourself for change – Part 1

In these 3 short videos, behavioural expert Sonia Friedrich talks about preparing yourself for the big change of becoming an ex-smoker. She takes you through 3 steps to help improve your chances of success:

  1. Understanding your behaviour
  2. Overcoming a fear of loss
  3. Breaking a habit 

Step 1: Understanding your behaviour 

Behavioural expert Sonia explains that our brains are hardwired to stick with our usual behaviours which drives us to take the path of least effort.1 Most of us are usually not even aware of this hardwiring, which is why it can be difficult to change our behaviours - in particular, quitting smoking.

So even if you know it's better to give up smoking, you're more likely to stick with your usual behaviour as you may start to think about the gap quitting smoking could leave in your life. This is a big fear for many people. In the next video, Sonia describes how to address this fear and move forward.

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